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Kodachrome Slide Number help needed

Dating Kodachrome Slide Mounts. Just discovered this site. Lot of good info here. Check it out. This is a good one too! It is the ending of an era.

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This past summer I came into possession of my grandfather’s 15 Kodak photo slide trays. They were neatly boxed, though collecting dust, in the closet beneath the stairs at a family owned cabin in Grayling, Michigan. They had been there for at least a couple of decades. For some reason this was the summer I decided to pull them out and take a look.

As I started to view these slides, with only a magnifying glass and some harsh fluorescent light, I quickly became transfixed. I knew there were images here that needed to be preserved and shared. I had a new project. Here is one of the first slides that really grabbed my attention. Taken in , this particular Kodachrome photo slide is not particularly old. It shows my great grandmother, Alma Ratz Hanley , and a my great uncle by marriage , Walter Berchulc , affectionately known as “Uncle Wally”.

Alma is from my father’s side and Wally is from my mother’s side. So, this is a pairing that I would have never predicted to be captured in such a clear, vibrant, and dynamic photograph. And, it was likely an image that hasn’t been seen by anyone in my family for over 40 years.

60 year old Kodachromes

This paper reflects on the challenges facing conservators dealing with the preservation and display of slide-based works in fine art collections following the discontinuation of the last remaining slide duplicating stock, Kodak Edupe, in March , and the imminent demise of this analog technology. This paper explores the strategies currently available to conservators and the rapidly decreasing timeframe in which action will need to be taken.

There are moments in the history of conservation when objects are radically altered in order to preserve what was most valued at that time. For example painted surfaces from panel paintings have in the past been stripped from their wooden support and re-adhered to canvas. The arguments justifying these decisions undoubtedly appeared compelling at the time, only to become highly controversial centuries later.

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We are thrilled to contribute to the APPO blog to talk about rare format slides. We scan a million slides a year at EverPresent and they are a fun and easy way to relive your old family trips and special occasions. Slides can be color or black-and-white. Slides are pieces of celluloid that are often framed in mounts made of cardboard or plastic.

Most mounts are roughly two-inch squares, but you can tell different slide formats apart by the size of their actual images:. You can use this chart to determine whether you have medium or large format. Developing slide film, however, requires a costly and complex series of chemical baths. Kodak introduced the format in for its Pocket Instamatic cameras pictured left. Some people preferred this small format because it fit into lightweight, portable cameras. The film comes in cartridges that can be loaded into and removed from the camera.

When the Rollei 35 was introduced as a small 35mm camera that took full-frame pictures, its success could be a sign that people cared more about the size of the camera than the film format. These slides could be around 50 years old!

How to Digitally Archive and Share Historical Photographs, Documents, and Audio Recordings

Or so it seems. So any time I hear photo geeks of a certain age wax poetic on Kodachrome, I have to wonder, was it really so good? After all, nostalgia is a funny thing. The reason we think products from the past were better than products today is because only the good ones have survived. Could the rose-tinted spectacles of nostalgia be obscuring the vision of those who mistily recall the name Kodachrome?

Kodachrome is the brand name for a color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak in Although McCurry retains ownership of the slides, prints of the 36 slides are permanently housed at the “Kodachrome Slide Dating Guide”.

Calvin and Hobbes and the Dawn of Kodachrome. The Kodachrome product line is 75 years old. The last image has been shot. We are left with the images and the memories. K – 1 0 0 Five years after celebrating K, we can celebrate K Obviously the math doesn’t work. We are celebrating a different anniversary. The first use of the Kodachrome name was for the two-color process invented by John Capstaff and introduced in Hearst Mansion — vacation photo on Kodachrome II.

Hearst Mansion — vacation photo on Kodachrome Other Information about Kodachrome.

Kodachrome Slide Film – R.I.P. (1935-2009)

You are available information on the market release date camera in april Results 97 – date edge codes from the latest gear. Print file 4 mil polypropylene 35mm slide – date first put a slide sleeves. Orig nude 35mm kodachrome, without and preservation of course, along.

of 35MM Kodachrome slides processed by Kodak until about the year See Notes Below. Large dates appearing in center of mounts specify the.

Anyone who has tried to organize photos , especially vintage pictures, has had this dilemma, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a trained professional photo organizer. Recently we asked our colleagues, members of The Photo Managers , to share their tips and tricks for dating problematic photos. Their answers are helpful and eye-opening. Before you get started it can help to have some tools handy…your photo detective bag of tricks that is.

Get a list of my favorite tools for organizing printed photos here. If you get lucky, the back of the photo can give clues to location or date. If you are really lucky someone has written down some identifying information people, place, event, date for you. Congratulations, you have just won the photo detective jackpot! Take the writing with a grain of salt though.


Discussion in ‘ Classic Manual Cameras ‘ started by craigd , Aug 10, I have no idea what camera or lens was used to create these images, nor exactly when they were taken or by who — or even who the people in the pictures are. They were definitely taken with a classic manual camera, though. This is a set of 18 Kodachrome slides that I found recently in a Kodak slide carousel that was owned by my mother who died more than 20 years ago. From the styles of hair, clothes, and cars, I would guess they date from around , give or take a few years.

I assume they had some significance to my mom; presumably she knew the people at the time, and it’s even possible that she took the pictures, though there’s no proof of that.

I am scanning over 1, “Kodachrome Transparency” color positive slides I am trying to determine if I should append the date to the slide number In our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that might be a.

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Fading Out: The End of 35mm Slide Transparencies

Kodak Ektachrome Colour Transparency films – researched by Michael Talbert Index to this web page: Michael Talbert has also provided a considerable amount of historical information on the early Kodak print films: Kodacolor, Ektacolor and Vericolor, plus their printing processes. Also, see his research on early Agfa colour print materials. Charlie says “I have hundreds of boxes of film from through the ‘s. And do take a look at Charlie’s site www.

Articles on Color Photography, Kodachrome, and Related Milestones Pop Culture: Kodachrome and Color Links Kodachrome Slide Dating Guide.

Corvallis, Oregon Operating normally, but our drop off lobby is closed. What You Get :. DpsDave introduces Deep Vision, an advanced system that uses the DpsDave Neural Engine to produce digital images with better texture, detail and color. Had these folks scan of my dad’s and grandfather’s slides, dating back to the 50s. They were ready to answer any email I sent within minutes, took care of everything fast, and the scans look amazing.

Their website is a little bit old-fashioned, but don’t be fooled, they are the best out there. Very knowledgeable. Great results on my nearly slides — some very old. Very quick turn-around. Quick with answers to my questions. I had them put on USB and wow have we freed up space! They Were from I have been so afraid to send these to any of the big labs for scanning.

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When shot with a high quality lens, a 35 mm Kodachrome slide will hold detail equivalent to 25 or more megapixels of “Kodachrome Slide Dating Guide”].

Share This Page. Thread Tools. Feb 14, 1. Messages: 1, My mother in law is scanning some family slides Kodachrome, of course , and I was surprised to see mounts with no date markings. Does anyone know when Kodak started automatically date marking slides?

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